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If you think about India, it isn't hard to close the eyes, and to imagine being among merchants, seeing the colours, smelling strong flavors of the spiced food, letting be fascinated by the aroma and music of a magic culture.

Why indian food is so special? Why people love it so much?
The Tandoor oven.

Tandoor oven's origin is so ancient.
It's about an architecture with a masonry wall surface, a part made of terracotta and with an opening at the bottom for coal replacing.


In a certain way, maybe. Many dishes come from the kitchen, melting and contaminating in a natural way with two cultures, the indian and sardinian.

Ingredients are placed inside, coming through a slow cooking and mixed with various spices, and they make a journey straight to your palate bringing a thousand different tastes.


Colour has a relationship with our emotions: bringing a piece of a rainbow into our daylife, such as indian spices, it means to celebrate life, and to give it a positive influence.

And colour is not a food effect, it's the own's nature, keeping all senses in perfect harmony with our kitchen.

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